How I Increased My Income

How I increased my salary

I think it’s no surprise that to really increase your income significantly, you have to show value to your current employer or you have to leave your current employer.  I currently work at a large Fortune 500 firm and have been there for about 4 years.  Approximately 1 year ago, a new manager entered into the scene.  She came from another company and we have not gotten along. My Current Job Situation I’ve been at my current employer for 4 years.  I’ve had one significant job change during that time and received a small bump in pay as a result.  I’ve

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My First (and possibly last) Experience with Airbnb

My experience with airbnb

Let me start off by saying that I’m all for the sharing economy.  I use Uber whenever I travel and support Airbnb in their efforts to make travel accommodations more affordable. I imagine most Airbnb experiences go well because they’re still a growing business.  However, my experiences highlights some of the gaps in the business model that makes me hesitant to book with them again. The Backstory We plan on one international vacation per year with our 4 kids.  The reason is that we want to be able to travel the world before we retire and also to expose our

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